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2 Free Pre-Rolls for first time customers

Premium Cannabis Products

At Kayadc, quality is of utmost importance. We wish to offer the best options to all of our consumers, from our care and attention during the growing process to the choice of partners who produce premium concentrates to the careful consideration of edibles and other items supplied.

2 Free Pre-Rolls for First time orders, Call us to claim 202-989-8157


WashingtonDC Premier Cannabis Dispenasry Near You

KayaDC has become a popular place for cannabis enthusiasts and first-time clients alike, and for good reason. KayaDC is an industry leader thanks to our knowledgeable, relaxing in-store environment, commitment to philanthropy and community involvement, as well as our focus to provide cannabis education and top-notch customer service.

Take Advantage of Quick Weed Delivery in Washington, DC

If you enjoy smoking marijuana and are seeking for a strong strain, look no further. At KayaDC, get your hands on some of the most uncommon marijuana strains. You have a wide variety of up to 40+ different marijuana strains to choose from and experiment with. Your experience with marijuana strains is given greater depth by this wide diversity. It sounds like a fantasy to have your preferred strains delivered.

Our Locations

Address: 328 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20004, United States
Phone:    +1 (202)-989-8157

Address: 555 12th st NW, Washington, DC 20004
Phone:    +1 (771) 216- 0173

Address: 550 Morse St NE, Washington, DC 20002-7012
Phone:    +1 (771) 215-9164

Address: 3029 14th st Nw Washington DC 20009
Phone:    +1 (202)-407-3649

Address: 800 Maine Ave SW Washington DC 20024
Phone:    +1 202-978-6696

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